Chesa da Cultura

Views of Chesa da Cultura

Chesa da Cultura is located on the idyllic shores of Lake St. Moritz


The tastefully appointed rooms of Chesa da Cultura overlook the wide and sunlit Engadine Valley. Its modern infrastructure is adapted to contemporary needs and offers artists and those who love nature and the Engadine a retreat in which to relax, work, and exchange ideas.
Designed by Basel architect Stefan Baader, Chesa da Cultura is well suited for meetings, courses, symposia, workshops, and concerts. Chesa da Cultura is available to culture and art associations, educational institutions, and workshop and seminar organizers as well as private individuals (more: Rentals)


A total of nine bedrooms, which can accommodate up to 25 beds, are at disposal. The ground floor includes 1 living room with dining room, 1 kitchen, 4 rooms, 2 bathroom units and, on the basement floor: 1 spacious lounge with a seating area and 5 rooms.

The tastefully appointed rooms of Chesa da Cultura offer all the modern conveniences to ensure a pleasant stay. (more: Rentals)

Event Hall & Foyer

Chesa da Cultura has a music hall equipped with 100 seats and a stage with a Steinway Concert Grand, Model C. This is where concerts, cultural events, and recordings take place. The music hall owes its excellent acoustics to the work of acclaimed acoustician Russell Johnson, who was well-known for his contributions to such renowned concert halls as the KKL Lucerne, Dallas Concert Hall, Birmingham Symphony Hall, etc.

The generously designed foyer is available to the public during intermissions and offers an inviting space for musicians to linger after rehearsals. (more: Rentals Music Hall)

Recording Studio

The recording studio, which is independent from the music hall, is a state-of-the-art studio for high-quality recording and mixing. The possibility to make unlimited recordings in the event hall over a 24-hour period offers ideal conditions for artists and performers.

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