The Foundation

The Pro Musica e Cultura Foundation promotes Swiss culture, in particular in the fields of music, literature, painting, and the fine arts.

The Pro Musica e Cultura Foundation does not award scholarships.

The Pro Musica e Cultura Foundation supports artists and projects distinguished by particular objectives. At Chesa da Cultura, the Foundation centre, it organizes master classes, workshops, seminars, exhibitions, concerts, and lectures and operates a state-of-the art recording studio. The Foundation exclusively supports projects that take place at Chesa da Cultura or are directly linked to the artistic work of our cultural centre. Please feel free to visit our facebook and instagram accounts to find more fotos and information about Chesa da Cultura.

The short documentary film about Chesa da Cultura, our musicians’ house on Lake St. Moritz, presents the vision and ambiance of this unique artists’ house. Its inauguration took place with the First China Cello Orchestra on July 15th, 1999. 20 cellists from all over China travelled to St. Moritz to rehearse the concert programme with Albert Roman. Badrutt’s Palace in St. Moritz was the starting signal for the FCCO’s orchestra tour through Switzerland and China. The film also shows former Chairman of the Board of Trustees, Dr Jürg Domenig.

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The establishment of the Pro Musica e Cultura Foundation goes back to a meeting between Marguerite Staehelin and Albert Roman, which took place in the United States in 1992. Marguerite Staehelin (1906–2000), a native of Basel, Switzerland, moved to New York following World War II and founded the Swiss Music Library to promote the contemporary Swiss music scene and its performers.

Albert Roman, cellist, conductor, and owner of an attractive building plot on Lake St. Moritz, came up with the idea of building a house for musicians and artists at this inspiring spot.
The Pro Musica e Cultura Foundation was established in December 1997 to enable the construction of Chesa da Cultura as a house dedicated to artists and their work. Albert Roman supplied the Foundation with the building plot, while Marguerite Staehelin provided the financial means for the actual construction. In the winter of 1998, Chesa da Cultura was inaugurated with an impressive concert.

The motto of Chesa da Cultura is “Artistic and Creative Exchange & Development”.


Foundation Board

albert_roman_swAlbert Roman
Artistic Director
Cellist and Conductor


Andreas Graf
Member of the Board


pierre_boulez_swPierre Boulez

Honorary President in memoriam
Composer and Conductor


Friends of Chesa da Cultura

The Chesa da Cultura in St. Moritz has implemented a variety of interesting projects and is planning exciting new musical and artistic events for the future (more at: Events or Archive ).
To continue to support young artists and offer artistic encounters, concerts, and courses, we urgently need your financial help. Therefore, we invite you to become sponsors and join the Friends of Chesa da Cultura.

Annual subscriptions amount to:

Bronze Category, CHF 300.–
If you attend a concert at Chesa da Cultura, you will receive an additional, complimentary ticket and will be notified of any activities at Chesa da Cultura.

Silver Category, CHF 1,000.–
If you attend a concert at Chesa da Cultura, you will receive two additional, complimentary tickets and will be notified of any activities at Chesa da Cultura, plus you will receive one of our CDs of your choice.

Gold Category, CHF 3,000.– or more
Free admission to all concerts at Chesa da Cultura. Besides, you will be invited to the exclusive Chesa da Cultura event, which includes a gala dinner attended by the artist. In addition, you will receive two of our CDs of your choice.

We look forward to welcome you as one of our sponsors and assure you of our gratitude.


At the moment there are no available vacancies.