Rental Artist House

Holiday Rental, Artist House St. Moritz

Associations dedicated to culture and the arts, educational institutions, seminar & workshop organizers as well as private individuals may rent Chesa da Cultura.

Ground-Floor Accommodations



Ground-floor accommodations consisting of: 

  • 1 room with double bed and separate bathroom and toilet
  • 1 double room with bunk bed, washbasin, shower, and WC in the corridor
  • 1 double bedroom, shower, and WC in the corridor
  • 1 bedroom with 3 single beds, washbasin, shower, and WC in the corridor
  • kitchen
  • living and dining room

see: Chesa da Cultura/Interior


Rates for artists available from: info[at]





The basement with several rooms and foyer consisting of:

  • 1 single bedroom with shower
  • 3 double bedrooms
  • 1 4-bed room
  • 2 separate showers with WC and washbasin
  • 2 separate WCs with washbasin
  • spacious foyer as living room


Watch: Chesa da Cultura/Interior

Rental prices on request:
 Tel. + 41 61 361 62 44

E-mail: info[at]

Music Hall

The music hall at Chesa da Cultura comprises an area of 114 m2 and a volume of 460 m3. The acoustic architecture was designed by Russel Johnson (Artec Consultants Inc.) and the firm of Applied Acoustics for Media.

The absolutely quiet location of Chesa da Cultura, far from any traffic noises, ensures uninterrupted, focused work on your music in a hall with a maximum of 100 seats.

The music hall with its Steinway grand can be rented for concerts, rehearsals, courses, and recordings.

Rental prices are available on request.

See: Chesa da Cultura/music hall


Recording Studio

The opportunity to live and work at Chesa da Cultura with access to the recording studio for a full a 24-hour period and unlimited rehearsals and recordings offers ideal conditions for uninterrupted artistic and professional work.

A recording studio with state-of-the-art equipment is available for high-quality, sophisticated recordings. It offers surround-sound technology and is separate from the music hall.



  • 5 x Schoeps CMC
  • 5 x normal cardioid
  • 2 x Schoeps CMC 5, wide cardioid
  • 2 x Neumann U87A
  • 2 x Schoeps BLM 3
  • 1 x Microtech Gefell UM 70

Hard-Disc Recorder

 Merging Pyramix Studio 5.1 with high sampling & surround option

  • 1 x JL Cooper MCS 3800 human interface
  • 1 x Apogee Big Ben Masterclock
  • 1 x Lexicon PCM 91
  • 1 x Sony R-500 DAT recorder
  • 1 x Pioneer PDR 04 CD player
  • 1 x Pioneer DV-989 Avi DVD recorder

Mixing Console

  •  1 x Studer 962 14×2 mic preamps
  • 2 x Focusrite 1SA 428 (4-Channel)
  • 2 x Amek 9098 DMA (stereo)


  •  5 x Blue Sky + subwoofer
  • Converter
  • 2-Channel Apogee Rosetta 24/48 A/D
5 mobile acoustic modules, type Studio Trap ASC are available if required.

Rental rates on request.
Use of the music hall and recording studio with or without Steinway Concert Grand, Model C possible.